The tools are provided as ZIP-Archives. You will will need additional software, such as Win Zip to unpack the archives. Right-click on the link and choose "Save as..." from the context menu. In order to use the programs provided here, unzip all files into a folder and switch to DOS-Mode or run the Windows command line.


On this page you will find documents and tools to download.


Tortuguero, Tabasco, Mexico: Its History and Inscriptions

Sample pages from the book published as Volume 17 of the Acta Mesoamericana Series from Verlag Anton Saurwein.

Download sample pages (PDF)

Die orthographischen Grundlagen der Maya-Schrift als Mittel der phonemischen Rekonstruktion der klassischen Schriftsprache

Exposé of my PhD thesis on the phonemic reconstruction of Classic Mayan language.

Download Exposé (PDF)


Mayan Calendrics

This old-fashined DOS-based program is still probably one of the best correlation programs available. Allows almost all computations from the Maya calendar into the julian and gregorian one and back, incl. missing parts and information about the suplementary series are also provided. In comparison to the other programs below it has a comfortable menu-based surface.

Download Archive (ZIP)


A program package from Linda Schele, which allows through a main menu the access to several subprograms. In addition to the functions already described for Maya Computation, the correlation can be selected freely and a compuation of the 819 days cycle is also possible.
NOTE: The individual modules are uncompiled source-code files. The compiler, Microsoft (TM) GW-Basic, Ver. 3.22 (BASICA.EXE) is enclosed and must be started first. The correlation program is then being started with the command LOAD"MAYACAL". A termination of the program ist possible with STRG+PAUSE, by typing SYSTEM you will return to Windows.

Download Archive (ZIP)